Peppe Gentile has been fighting with regret that for a while ‘life, decades. On the podium was a mask of disappointment, but the trouble is that the mask has struggled through hell to get her out. Until writing his autobiography, «The Medal (with) uniform», something clicked: liberating pages that they did make peace with those jumps, that memory, that bronze.

He walked on the moon – a year after they would seriously Armstrong and Aldrin with their Apollo 11 – but just as he was placing the flag if it is seen parading hand. The authors of the crime were Victor Sanejev Georgian Soviet time, and Nelson Prudencio, Brazilian hinterland of Sao Paulo.

It was they who slapped the 17:22 Gentile: Sanejev first landed at 17:23, then Prudencio added four centimeters to the primacy, then the Soviet reached out and took the gold in 17:39. those mails – But perhaps there is something else that «liberated» Dear. An Exchange of Letters. Since then, accomplices various injuries and different projects, the three saw little or nothing. Actually the jumper Italian Sanejev met one day in a European championship, he tried to greet him but could not.

With Prudencio, however, they found themselves via email. Gentile was able to obtain the email address of the friend-rival. And he wrote an affectionate letter, as a search for truce with the memory. Words highly appreciated by Prudencio who started an exchange. Until the almost sudden death of the Brazilian.  Dear to make up for the Pasolini film.

Archive Dear to make up for the Pasolini film. Archive pizza with callas – Life Gentile, of course, it has not stopped in Mexico City. His cinematic experience in Jason in «Medea» Pasolini is well known. Much less the task that on certain days of filming the director entrusted Gentile and his friend Gianni Brandizzi, who played Hector: «Take, please, Maria pizzeria». Where Mary was none other than Callas.

It is difficult to think that the Divine Dear speak of what had happened a few months ago in Mexico City. Read more about play free pokies. But at the end of those meetings on set and at the table split with the jumps and the regrets of Mexico Public cover of his life. party with ottoz – That same afternoon in 1968, the Italian athletics also won another medal, that of the 110 hurdles with the extrovert Eddy Ottoz, third behind Davenport and Hall with one of the most enduring Italian record of history.

Today the two men the coin of that trip you will see in Formia to celebrate the memory. A memory finally sweet now can win the game with regret. Valerio Piccioni

March 3, 2019 – Milan’s victorious arrival of Hans Christe r Holund, 30 years AP Norway is still golden, always gold, only gold: six triumphs of 6 to fund home the World Cup in Seefeld, in Austria. The latest title in the 50 km pursuit at tl, it is bringing Hans Christer Holund, the cross-country skier who has not won in the World Cup, but now 1xbet sign up bonus boasts the world title in the grueling test.

A race won half leading her all alone: ​​the title matures in 1h49’59 «3 to 27» 8 Bolshunov escape – Sound of Music up to 25 km. Then we go the turning point: we test the Norwegian Holund, thirties, Olympic bronze medalist and former world champion junior even a victory in the World Cup, up to a 22 «edge, try to react Manificat, Russian Bolshunov is queued, Defa remains in the 15 that make up the tracker group, Salvadori is lost to 57 «. But the Viking still increases up to a room for a minute: is the decisive run?

The snow from 30 km, begins to crumble, Holund to 37 ° km change skis, also follow the trackers (guided by Bolshunov Russians, Belov, Spitsov) including valdostano to 1’16 «. Even Bolshunov, he should not have to compete and was chosen in the morning instead of Chervotkin to take another silver, try to go around the 40 km mark while the group unfolds to 20 «. It is good because at 7 km reduces the gap to 27 «. In the final test De Fabiani unnecessarily to tag the two Norwegians, Sundby and Roethe, that the tick in the sprint and split for the bronze at 57 «8, fifth another Norwegian, Krueger, the sixth Halfvarsson Swedish. The valdostano arrives at 14 ° 1’12 «, Salvadori is 26 ° to 2’08» 1, Stefano Gardener is 41 ° and 52 ° Mirco Bertolina.

VIDEOS OF JOURNAL TV medals – The World Cup, who also lived in the blitz doping with 9 stops before the 15 km, close to Norway at the top of the medals and 10 golds at the bottom (in the German domain jump with 4 golds, in the combined Nordic 4 medals and 2 Norwegian ori), 5 silvers and 7 bronzes for a total haul of 25 medals (05.07.13). In 2nd place Germany with 9 (and 6 golds), the 3rd with Sweden 5 (2 golds including the relay women attëa since 1960), 7th in Italy with two medals (a silver with Federico Pellegrino tl in the Sprint, a bronze in the team sprint with Pellegrino and Francesco De Fabiani), behind Russia (8) which only missing the gold.

The Cup starts next week in Norway. DEFA AND CRAMPS – De Fabianci after the race, said: «I was playing a medal, then I was getting a cramp in the leg, I risked not arrive and I had to slow down. But I have nothing to regret. I was in the right position, fifth or sixth in the group, before tackling the ascent of the sprint.

It was the final hurdle, but I had already had a crisis before and then I came back. The right leg is not supported me, I had to raise the white flag, was stiffening too, and unfortunately it’s not like in the race where you can pull it because there is skiing. Regret for having jumped the skiathlon given the tactical race? No, because they are happy with what happened the next day: we focused on the sprint team, because we had more chances to go to the coin, it was the right choice.

I’m happy with how we decided to proceed. This summer I was hoping to be able to play a medal and finished. » Stefano Arcobelli  @ sarcobelli

February 25, 2019 – Milan  Leo Leo David David The sun illuminated the Gressoney valley: a perfect day for sport. Tourists in front of the chairlift already imagined the trajectories to be drawn: «Have you read the sign? International Track Leonardo David …

And who’s going?» Asked one of them. «Maybe a former mayor, I noticed that David is a common surname here,» he replied another. «And if it were a local skier?», He relaunched the first. At that moment he heard fighting on the shoulder. «Can I?» Said a man in get older, the typical mountain man tan, deep wrinkles as furrows, red jacket with a ski instructor from symbol. «I was wondering who was Leonardo David, right? Well, a sample …».

The sentence came straight and fast in the heart of the visitors, like a downhill skier on schuss. It was not necessary to add more. «» To make you understand that I have not exaggerated – the old man continued -, put in to this story the greatest of all: Ingemar Stenmark. Here, I knew to center with the legendary Swedish: crossed generations and defeated time, but maybe his reign would last less if Leonardo had continued to compete.

But February 26, 1985 has gone away for good after an agony lasted 6 years. the David who was loved by all, the pride of the Valle d’Aosta , the crystalline talent capable of beating Stenmark in a slalom World Cup, had actually died in a March day in 1979, in a bloody American trip might have been avoided, you had to avoid … «.  Leo Leo David David the son of art throughout curls – The old teacher sighed, a tear gleamed across his face. Tourists came to the rescue: «We would like to know more, more and if it does not create too much suffering …».

The pause was brief, new words broke the silence. «The pain is not cleared, the wound closes. However, the memory must be cultivated: we go along. In fact, we go back. Way back. Leonardo was born here in Saint-Jean, 27 September 1960.

His father David was not one any two tricolor times in downhill and 7 years in the National Assembly. in short, the little Leo first learned to put skiing on walking. and when the family moved to La Trinité, a few kilometers of the gorge which is wedged into the more than 4500 meters of Lyskamm, the new house looked right on the slopes. And who would stop them most about those two little devils …

Oh yes: there was also a girl, Daniela. the larger of just 14 months brother. they were always together , they looked like twins. Leo was very lively, with that face unpunished and cascading curls on his face. the skiing was like breathing: they threw from every slope, when zizzagava was unsurpassed.